How to relax for your dental appointment

Do you find yourself worrying, and tensing up during your dental appointments? Fear of the dentist is very common, and nothing to feel embarrassed about.  If you're nervous, here are some ideas about how to relax your mind and body, so that you feel calmer before you even reach us. And once you do arrive at Clinic 95, you'll be in such a relaxing environment, any residual tension should just ease away.



Our principal Maria knows a thing or two about the revolutionary benefits of breathwork for achieving relaxation and inner calm. Breathwork can help not only your mind but also your body, and therefore aid recovery from dental surgery or infection. Some key breathwork benefits include: 

• Release of stress hormones from your body
• Improved immunity
• Balanced blood pressure
• Stronger respiratory function
• Reduction of PTSD/feelings of Trauma
• More time in deep sleep

Guided breathwork


Find somewhere quiet to sit, where you won't be disturbed, and turn your phone off.  Sit in a relaxed posture, with your back reasonably straight, and both your feet flat on the floor (don't cross your legs). 

Ensure that your shoulders are relaxed and that you're not holding any tension in your face.

 Become aware of your breathing and slow it down a little so you are breathing smoothly and deeply:

  • Breathe in slowly for a count of 4 - feel your lungs expanding.
  • Hold gently for a count of 7
  • Breathe out smoothly for a count of 8.

On the last few beats of the 8 count, smoothly push all of your breath out as completely as possible.
Try to do this for four cycles in a row in the beginning. After you get used to this, you can try to work up to eight.

Afterwards observe how you feel, we hope that this technique has brought you peace and inner calm, and given you a new practice to continue before your dental appointments . 

Aromatherapy - mist sprays


Another recommendation to aide anxiety is aromatherapy. Have you heard about the benefits of plants and natural scent to ease anxiety? Why not try making a beautiful home-made mist spray 

By making these at home, you can find a scent combination that truly works for you.  Each of the individual elements can be bought online for a few pounds and since you'll be making up a reasonably-sized bottle of scent, it will last for ages.

Click here to choose from our three recipes.

We hope that these techniques will allow you to arrive at your appointment feeling calm.  And you will find a lovely tranquil atmosphere once you arrive with us here at Clinic 95.