How to use a Tepe for the best results

Have you ever wondered if you are using your Tepe interdental correctly? Or what the current advice is about the best practice? Henry is a hygiene therapist and 'Guided biofilm therapy' provider here at Clinic 95, he wants to share his Tepe expertise in this video which is designed to help your practice at home. We hope you learn something new to help your technique! 

How to use a Tepe, Henry's video guide

What is the benefit of using Tepes?

Tepe orange

Using an interdental brush before brushing your teeth will provide you with much more protection against plaque because a toothbrush can only reach 60% of your tooth surfaces. Plaque causes gum inflammation, cavities and bad breath.

An interdental brush as shown here is a small brush designed to clean between your teeth, where a regular toothbrush cannot reach. Daily use of an interdental brush in addition to regular toothbrushing, is the most efficient way to keep your gums and teeth optimal.

How to use a Tepe interdental brush

Tepe Henry

Henry says, use your Tepe/s before brushing your teeth every day.
1. Choose the right size, ask for advice for the most suitable colour for you when you visit Clinic 95.
2. Insert the Tepe gently
3. Move the brush back and forth in each space, up to ten times
4. Be sure to rinse debris off the Tepe brush after every insertion
5. You can add a little toothpaste to the tip for overall effectiveness
6. Change the size and curve the neck or wire when needed
7. Be sure to change the brush when the filaments become worn or misshapen

What is the Tepe colour system 


Tepes come in a range of colours which correspond to the thickness of the brush. The fit of your Tepe should be snug but be able to move comfortably in a forwards and backwards motion between your teeth. Watch Henry's video to see the best sweeping motion. When you come to see us at Clinic 95 we will ensure the correct colour selection for you, our staff will give you a demonstration and will select the best fit for you. 

Tepes to clean Orthodontic appliances

Tepe orto

In the second half of the video guide Henry demonstrates the best technique to clean inbetween the brackets of an orthodontic fixed appliance by bending the Tepe head and sweeping with an up and down motion inbetween the bracket and teeth. 

If you have an orthodontic appliance we recommend coming to see us for a routine Guided biofilm therapy appointment, where airflow is used to clean away any plaque debris and staining that has occurred around the brackets of your appliance. Coaching at this session will be given regarding the best homecare practice to help you, including a Tepe demonstration and personalised Tepe colour recommendation.

Learn more at your next G.B.T appointment


If you would like more guidance and to find out which Tepe's are most suitable for you, book a Guided biofilm therapy appointment today. You will receive one to one coaching for your home care dental routine  - book your appointment today