General dentistry

General dentistry at Clinic95 covers private dental treament, emergency appointments, routine and dental hygiene check-ups and more.

What kind of appointment are you interested in? 

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Private dental treatment at Clinic 95


All our private treatment options begin with a consultation. 
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For deep cleaning your teeth, advice on brushing technique and teeth whitening


For kids

We offer several services for kids and take special care to make sure they enjoy their visit

For your peace of mind…

Disabled Access

We have disabled access to the clinic via a ramp at our dedicated entrance, and ground floor accessible surgeries for your treatment.  Please make sure to tell the receptionist of your access needs when booking your appointment.

First Aid

All clinic staff, including the admin staff and receptionists, are fully trained in First Aid, including in the use of the clinic defibrillator.


Your personal details and records are kept with the utmost security.  The clinic fully complies with all regulations on patient confidentiality and data protection.


Dental Plan 

We offer an in-house dental finance plan, designed to help you and your family save on the  costs of dental care click here 
We also have a  hygiene care plan

Clinic 95 also offer a competitive dental finance deal, including 0% finance that can help with treatment plans that are £250+ . Finance is available through Tabeo - just ask us for details.


EDUAN  "A patient said to me that her partner believes that 'teeth heal themselves'.  Gums and teeth heal themselves?!  I don't know if they're using some magical mind power to achieve this, but I can assure you it isn't true."

Relative analgesia

Nervous patients are particularly welcome here at Clinic 95. 

We have lots of ways to help you relax if you're feeling anxious about seeing a dentist. 

These range from simply coming into the clinic to meet us and have a look around so you have the opportunity to ask any questions you have before you make an appointment, to a range of medical relaxants we can use to calm your nerves once you're in the dentist's chair.  Read more on relative analgesia here.

The three things that most dentists won't tell you

  1. Not all dentists will always give you every option available, sometimes simply because they cannot provide a particular service. We guarantee that we always will.
  2. Sometimes dentists make presumptions about affordability and therefore limit your choices. Make sure you are given every option in order to make an informed choice.
  3. You don't necessarily need to see the your dentist every six months if your dentist tells you this! You could be advised to come annually, as some of our patients do.