How to floss for the best result with Henry

Henry is one of our 'Guided biofilm therapy' providers at Clinic 95. Have you ever wondered if you are flossing correctly? Or what the current advice is about the best method? Here Henry has designed a visual guide for you to follow step by step. So, pick up your favourite floss and follow along, we hope you learn something new to help your technique! 

How to floss, Henry's visual guide

How often to floss


Henry recommends flossing for a minimum of twice a day, before you brush your teeth. Take your time and don't rush, relax and ease the floss between each tooth.

What to floss with


There are so many different types of floss available, Henry recommends considering a sustainable choice such as eco floss picks by The Humble co. Floss picks are much easier for many kids to manage and these ones are made from bamboo.⁠ Also glass bottled floss made of corn, such as Georganics  which is a strong eco floss.⁠ It can be a case of trial and error until you find a product that works best for you and that you enjoy using. 

Flossing with children


Kids love to mirror you, ⁠ so Henry recommends flossing your teeth opposite them or in the bathroom mirror! You can make flossing look like a lot of fun to encourage them - smile, make funny faces, play a song, and dance!⁠ Making flossing fun with kids will increase the chances that your children will remember the importance of flossing and have positive association with flossing throughout their lives.⁠ 

Learn more at your next G.B.T appointment


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