Henry's Oral B Brushing Guide

Are you brushing as efficiently as you could be with your Oral B? And are you aware of how much pressure to apply as you brush? Henry, one of our Guided biofilm therapy providers at Clinic 95 has made a short video guide for you to follow. Henry's goal is to help everyone learn to brush in the most efficient way possible to maximise their dental health. So, pick up your Oral B tooth brush and follow along, we hope you learn something new to lend confidence to your brushing!

How to brush, Henry's visual guide

How to brush


1) Hold the brush at a 45 degree angle with a little pressure, and hold on each tooth for 3 to 5 seconds, let the bristles of the head follow the curve of the tooth.  

2) The path that the brush should follow around your mouth is exactly the same as for a manual toothbrush (see guide here).  

3) Be aware of how much pressure you are applying with your brush - most Oral B electric brushes have sensors built in designed to warn you, look out for the change in colour of the light sensor on your brush, if you are pressing too hard it will change from white -to green- to red! If you note this colour change adjust your method to apply gentle pressure.

3) Your tooth brushing objective is to wash every single surface, of every single tooth twice a day!
As a guide it may help to systematically start from the outside of the back of your upper teeth on the right, brush all the way around the outside of your upper teeth until you reach back left.  Then guide the brush under your very back teeth to brush the inside from back left to back right.  Move the brush down to the lower teeth and repeat the process by starting at the back inside right, to back inside left and then outside left all the way around to outside right.

What to brush with 


Oral B electric toothbrushes are incredibly popular and Henry is very pleased with the results that he has seen on his patients, but there are many tooth brushes available both electric and non on the market. The most important thing is to choose a toothbrush that you will enjoy using on a daily basis so that it becomes easy to form a good routine with it and to ensure you can brush thoroughly with it. 

Henry says make sure you regularly change your toothbrush head when the blue bristle markers have turned to white. Unfortunately with time the mechanics of the brush head will break down and the brushing mechanism will become more mechanically erratic towards the end of its life which will effect the brush quality and control of the brushing over the teeth surfaces. You will immediately feel the difference upon changing the head for a new one after full use. This will also ensure good hygiene for your toothbrush.

If you are using a manual toothbrush instead and you would like a great guide to ensure you are brushing effectively why not check out 'Ben's manual brushing guide' click here

How log to brush for


Henry recommends following the 2-2-2 rule: brush for a minimum of 2 minuets, twice a day and make sure you visit 2 times a year for your routine examination. Always combine your brushing with flossing as well, for 'Henry's floss guide' click here

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