Dental appointment guide


We'd love you to come and have a dental appointment with us, whether it's a general check-up, a full set of implants or anything in between.

To help you understand what type of appointment you need and how to book, here's our guide to dental appointments at Clinic95.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

It really depends on your flexibility.  Which one of these applies to you?

Fully flexible and available at very short notice.

We keep a 'short notice list' for patients who have said that they can attend at (guess what?) very short notice.  Whenever a booking is cancelled, we will contact you if you are on the list and offer the slot to you.  This can sometimes mean that you'll be offered a same day appointment or one that's within the next 24hrs.

Reasonable flexibility on times and days

If you are able to attend the clinic on a variety of days or times, then we should be able to book you in within about three to five days.

Only available at specific times and days

If you have a specific day or time of day when you can visit, then we’ll need at least one week of notice to be able to find you an appointment.

Of course, the easiest way to ensure that you’re seen when you need to be is to make your next appointment when you visit us for treatment.

Need an emergency appointment?

See our dedicated page on emergency dental appointments here at our Oxford clinic.

What's the difference between a consultation and appointment?

This is for new and existing patients who need to discuss specifics such as the experience of pain or issues with their teeth, very nervous patients or those with a desire for cosmetic procedures.  There's plenty of time to talk to your dentist during a consultation and discuss in detail your dental concerns or aspirations.
Allow 1 hour for the consultation although this may vary based on your own circumstances.  We take great care to get to know you well, to understand your priorities, anxieties and goals.  And so a reasonable proportion of your consultation will be spent talking to the dentist.

Dental Health Consultation
This is what we call a routine dental check-up with no planned treatment.

This is the follow up treatment that is a result of either your consultation or your ongoing regular check-up.

How long does it take to get a follow-on appointment
(resulting from a consultation)?

This depends on the nature of your next appointment.  If the problem is urgent we will prioritise it and offer you the earliest available slot - we always save enough emergency appointments on our booking system every day for any urgent cases that might occur.  And our dentists put time aside for treatments which may arise from an examination to ensure that the work can be completed as soon as possible (usually within a week).

It also depends on the nature of what is diagnosed. If there is an infection detected then you may be prescribed antibiotics and so would need to see us again following completion of the course of antibiotics (5+days), which can be easily arranged.

If the appointment required is for an unusually long time, for example over 1 hour, then we may have at least a 2-3 week lead time in order to find a convenient time that suits you, but of course this could be sooner if your availability is flexible.

Evening and Saturday appointments can also be arranged.

For new patients

New patients will be seen within 3 working days if you can be reasonably flexible about when you come in. 

If you're a new private patient and need to book your first consultation because you have a problem or emergency, the appointment will be prioritised and booked with a dentist the same day with advice about pain relief in the interim.  However, the dentist who we assign to you in the long term may be different as emergency appointments are subject to availability on the day of the booking.

What makes appointments at Clinic 95 different from other practices?

We take a team approach to our patients, with the dentist, hygienist, nurses and other clinicians with special interests working together to provide an holistic approach to your dental care.

Due to the breadth of expertise and equipment available in-house, we are able to offer a huge range of solutions, making us a one-stop shop for dental and facial aesthetic treatments, all delivered in a friendly and positive atmosphere.