Cosmetic dentistry

What is cosmetic dentistry?  It's anything to do with the overall appearance of your teeth.  But here at Clinic 95, we don't just concentrate on the teeth: We've got dermal fillers, lip augmentation and a whole range of procedures to make all of your mouth, not just your teeth, look as gorgeous as it can.

I've got some tips on how to get white teeth cheaply – and no, it isn’t at the hairdresser or from a kit you buy at the supermarket.

But what, exactly, is the definition of gorgeous?  A poll around the practice here turned up some interesting results.  

Some like the totally natural look: 
Adrian “Kirsten Dunst has lovely teeth as they aren’t quite perfect, and look better because of it”.  

Some love the veneered look:
Sarah “Ooh, Cheryl Cole has the perfect smile”, and Lewis agreed.

However, all were united in their dislike of going too far with the veneers:
Everybody “Rylan’s teeth are just shocking.  A mouthful of massive piano keys is never a good look”.  

So, we’ll work with you to come up with a smile that you define as lovely.