Will implant surgery hurt?

Will implant surgery hurt? This is one of the main questions we get asked by our patients at Clinic 95, and one of the main anxieties that causes people to procrastinate over their proposed treatment. But is this delay actually holding you back from potentially life changing outcomes? Here we ask our patients about their experiences, watch for their responses!

 How was your surgery, did it hurt? - Watch our patients reply:

Implantologist Maria's explanation: 

No, it doesn't hurt. Conscious sedation will relax you and anaesthetics will ensure you feel no pain at all during surgery. Post-surgery you may experience a little soreness for a day or two but this is easily controlled by taking gentle painkillers, which we provide.

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Maria says "Through a meticulous surgical approach, and the use of medication post-operatively, there is minimal pain, if any.  Pain obviously depends on the person, but we’ve worked out a treatment method that gives patients great comfort afterwards.  As a result, we have very few patients reporting any pain at all."

Watch our patients advice to you:

Here our patients give advice to help anyone in the same situation currently considering dental implants. They also tell us what they wish they could have known in advance because this would have helped them save time.

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In summary, the overall message we are receiving from our patients who have had dental implants is, don't put off to tomorrow what can be achieved today! Our patients tell us that they wish they could have looked into the future to know how things would work out, they would have acted far sooner. Come and find out what we can revolutionise for you, don't allow anything to hold you back from living your life to the full. 

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