Treatment costs

A guide to our treatment costs is below.  Often, the fees you pay will be discussed at the time of your appointment as some are just a guideline.  Don't hesitate to give us a call should you require any further information on the likely cost of your dental treatment.

Private dental treatment

Membership plan starts at £18.90 per month
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Private dental services for children
Child's first extensive examination: £30
Child’s routine examination: £30
Child’s hygiene appointment £35
Fissure sealants: £31.50 per sealant
Fluoride varnish (Duraphat paste): £10.50

Private dental services for adults
Routine dental health consultation: £55

White composite, size dependent:  from £95

from £700

Porcelain bonded: from £600
Emax/porcelain: from £700
Gold: from £795

Adhesive bridges: from £400
Fixed bridges: from £1100

Acrylic (plastic): from £600
Chrome cobalt (metal based): from £1000

Tooth Extraction
from £150

30 minute appointment: £72.50
45 minute appointment: £117
Airflow single treatment: £50
Add Airflow to your 30 minute hygiene appointment for £95 total (saving £27.50)

Home whitening treatment
White Wash at-home whitening: £350
Top-up syringes: £30 each

Digital X-Rays
Digital Intraoral radiographs 
Bite wing shows the upper and lower teeth in one specific area: £10.50
Periapical x-rays showing the whole tooth: £10.50
Occlusal x-ray showing the entire arch of teeth: £15.75
Extraoral radiographs
Panoramic x-rays (aka OPG): £50
Cephalometric projections show an entire side of the head: £50
Cone Beam CT: from £105


Initial Orthodontics Consultation Fees
Child consult: £26
Adult consult: £56

Main consultancy & assessment appointment: £415
Full diagnostics required. That is study models, OPG, lateral cephalometric radiograph and tracing, photos, written treatment plan.

Treatment with removable appliances
All laboratory fees about £150 per appliance (2 usually required). Then £175 per month for duration of treatment.

Treatment with fixed appliances
All laboratory fees about £350. Then £200 per month for duration of treatment.

£4000 to £6000 depending on complexity of case

Post orthodontic treatment requires retention
Fixed retainers are £350 including laboratory fee
Removable retainers are between £100 to £150 each including laboratory fee
Retention visits are £15 each.

NTI’s (for headaches) are £450 all in 3 visit

Splint therapy for jaw problems or on referral from chiropractors/physiotherapists: Laboratory fees £200
Visit fees: £150 (this is sometimes monthly or sometimes as and when required).


Please note, endodontic appointment times and fees may vary, especially in retreatment cases

Endodontics Consultation: £83

Root Canal Treatment
Incisors: £500 (1.5 hrs)
Multiple rooted teeth, pre molar: £650 (2 hrs)
Multiple rooted teeth, molar: £850 (2.5 hrs)

Root Re-treatments
Incisors: £750 (2 hrs)
Multiple rooted teeth, pre molar: from £850 (2 hrs)
Multiple rooted teeth, molar: from £995 (2.5 hrs)
Post removal: £250
Core build up: £150-£250
Post and core: An individual estimate will be given to you.


We offer a range of facial aesthetics treatments such as lip augmentation, botox and dermal fillers to compliment your dental treatment.  Please simply contact us to discuss your needs.


Prices do vary according to your own personal requirements and oral health. 
But as a general guide, single implants costs around £2,000 per tooth.
Fast & Fixed for the upper jaw costs from £18,000 to £21,000 and the lower jaw from £16,000 to £18,000.