Invisalign Outcome Simulator Guide

Have you ever dreamt of being able to time travel into the future? Well, of course we can't deliver this, but what we can do is give you the opportunity to look at your future smile to envisage how your teeth could look following Invisalign treatment! In this video guide Eduan our Invisalign Gold provider will demonstrate the 3 steps of the outcome simulation appointment with a patient so that you can learn what to expect at your appointment. See how the simulation works in order to give a clear visual 3D understanding that the dentist can then give you technical explanation of. Once Eduan has the benefit of this simulation with you he can advise on the way that Invisalign can help you.

Eduan demonstrates the outcome simulator

What are the three steps?


1) Scan your teeth 

2) Asses your simulation 

3) Discuss outcome objectives

What is the outcome simulator & how does it work?


The machine that we use pictured here is called itero, the itero works by emitting a radiation-free laser from the wand of the machine. The wand that is easily and gently scanned over your whole mouth takes pictures to make an accurate digital 3D impression on the screen for you. The AI software for the simulation uses in-face visualisation and will give a 3D dentition view. 

What is the main benefit of the simulation?


One of the main benefits of the Invisalign outcome simulation is for confidence in the outcome because it  allows you to see a before and after image of your simulated smile for peace of mind. Our patients love to see the results because treatment typically takes about a year to finish and this gives them motivation to get the beautifully straight smile they always wanted.

Book your outcome simulation 


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