Dental Hygiene Plan

With the Clinic95 Dental Hygiene Plan your regular private hygiene visits can be paid for in convenient monthly instalments, and you'll get better oral health, fresh breath and a bright smile, too.

We all know that regular dental hygiene is essential for a healthy smile.  The more care you take of your teeth, the fewer problems you'll have.  Simple.

By spreading the cost of hygiene appointments, you can pay a small monthly amount, and choose the frequency of your visits to suit your oral health needs.

Why not have a chat to our hygiene team about which plan is best for you.

Then join up and benefit from 

  • Keeping your breath fresh and your teeth looking their best
  • Maintaining the health of your gums
  • Saving 10% on standard hygiene fees
  • Spreading the cost of your hygiene care
  • Saving 10% on oral hygiene products such as toothbrushes and floss

ROUTINE hygiene care plan

£19.90 per month

Includes three dental hygiene appointments per year

PREMIUM hygiene care plan

£29.10 per month

Includes three dental hygiene appointments per year

PREMIUM PLUS hygiene care plan

£38.40 per month

Includes four dental hygiene appointments per year

why visit a hygienist?

Because we'll work with your dentist to help you maintain a healthy mouth and smile.  We can help you to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

can hygienists help with bad breath?

Yes, we can discuss the possible causes and the treatment options.
We will show you how to achieve a healthy, clean mouth to help restore your confidence and smile.

How do hygienists help with bleeding gums?

Yes.  We'll carry out any necessary treatments and give plenty of preventative care advice to keep your gums, teeth and whole mouth looking and feeling healthy.

Join the Dental Hygiene Plan today for fresh breath and a healthy smile, and start saving immediately.

Just contact us or pick up a form when you're next at the clinic.

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