Sam Nevey

Head nurse

Hi, I’m Sam. I’m Head nurse here at Clinic 95.

I originally come from Birmingham but moved to Oxford three years ago. I started my career in dentistry by training to become a dental technician at my dad’s laboratory. I gained a lot of experience there in the prosthetics side of dentistry and so from this I moved onto dental nursing in 2010.

Whilst doing my nursing qualification I learnt the practical side to a nurse’s role in surgery, from something as simple as the correct way to use the suction (patients won’t thank you for hoovering up their tongue as part of the treatment!) to planning the dentist’s day so everything runs smoothly (a happy dentist means happy patients).

My most vivid memory of training was the amount of resources we needed to arm ourselves with for a day release at college. I always enjoyed these college days due to being quite a bookworm myself, I soaked up the information in my textbooks like a sponge (and rather fancied myself a modern day Hermione Granger for carrying all my books in my arms).

I gained my qualification in 2012 from Birmingham Metropolitan College along with a few fancy letters after my name.

I joined the team at Clinic 95 in 2013 and have broadened my knowledge in all the specialities we offer here, particularly anything orthodontic related (braces to you non-dental folk). I love seeing peoples’ reactions as we work with them to produce a result worth smiling about. I have also been trained by Maria to be an implant nurse.

I love that I get to build a rapport with each individual, particularly with the longer treatments (especially when they bring us cake - thank you Ms R!).

One of the questions I’m asked most frequently as a nurse is “will it hurt?”  My answer is always “no.”
Patients often look to the nurse as a more ‘human’ figure compared to the dentists and will look to the nurse for advice before ‘braving’ the dentist.  With the help of topical anaesthetic gels to numb the gum and ‘happy gas’ for those more nervous patients, we pride ourselves on creating a relaxed atmosphere and making all treatment as painless as possible.

I really look forward to seeing you at Clinic95 soon…