Saara Chapman

Graphic designer/ Social media content producer/ Website manager


The best thing about working with Clinic95?

I love a good design brief and Maria always has an imaginative challenge for me! Before my graphic design work I studied Media production specialising in traditional animation at university. 

It has been wonderful to work with Maria because of the creative freedom she gives to me and because we have a way of working where we both seem to know what the other is thinking without needing to say very much, this helps me produce work quickly and effectively.  

I guess you could say I’m one of the oldest serving members of staff as I’ve worked with Maria from the very beginning (before this I was at St Clements Oxford with Maria).

The work-related questions I'm asked most frequently are:

Q ~ When can it be done by?
A ~ I like the flutter you get from a deadline.  I think some of my best work has come under the pressure of time!
Q ~ Could you do…..this?
A ~ I’m sure I can, no matter how unusual! You will only learn by challenging yourself and you need to believe that if you can conceive it you can do it!  Original concept is the key thing to this work and you need to be able to pre visualise what you are going to produce.

About my background

At university I studied Media Production specialising in animation, here I produced sculpture/claymation stop motion animations and learnt about the principles of film making and film language. I was lucky to have work experience on 'Bob the builder' at Hot animation.  Before this I did Art & Design at college which had a wonderful Bohemian feel to it (it was based in an old mill in Sheffield),  this extensive course gave me the freedom to try my hand at just about everything conceivable art-wise!

I came to a love for the digital and graphic design that I produce through experience and practice of using Adobe CS software for a wide variety of unique design projects over time. I have always loved a challenging design brief more than anything!

Current creative developments

My current personal special interest is developing animated logos or sequences, which I can then add to a social media template that any image can then be dropped behind so that the logo will play infront of it. 


When I'm not working I love long distance running and I have been really lucky to have the opportunity to run the London Marathon for a third year this year with a 'good for age' qualifying place. Last year I ran my first ultra distance, and this year I made my first mountain run in Scotland. I also enjoy yoga and swimming (especially lake swimming) and occasional climbing.  

I hope you love the style of what you see when you look at Clinic95 social media, marketing and promotional materials that may have been the very thing that drew you to the clinic in the first place.