Hannah O'Donoghue

Dental nurse

Hi, I’m Hannah

I started nursing around four years ago and have been qualified for almost a year and a half.

Before nursing, I trained in childcare. 

I joined Clinic 95 for new experiences and to build on my interest in orthodontics.  I enjoy working with Harris.  I just find orthodontics fascinating! I love seeing amazing results.  Witnessing how happy and confident patients are after their treatment is complete is the best part.

When I was younger I had braces for around four years. I am not a massive fan of gaps in teeth. Not many people know but I used to have gaps in my teeth but had composites added to hide these.

My favourite dental quote is ‘Life is short, smile while you still have teeth.’

My favourite celebrity teeth?  Well, he’s not a celebrity but Asif's teeth are amazing! Next time you are at the clinic you should check them out.

This is so geeky, but outside of work, I like to spend time with my cats, Evie and Finley.  If I wasn’t doing dental nursing I’d love to work with cats.

Also in my spare time, I also enjoy swimming and camping (but fancy camping - glamping.)

My special talents include sleeping, being in my PJs and watching 'Friends'. My favourite movie is 'Elf' - I just love everything Christmas!

Hope to see you at the clinic soon