Debra Johnson

Clinic receptionist

I’ve worked in customer service throughout my career, but I’m finding being here at Clinic95 particularly satisfying – especially when I get to see the end result, whether it’s a new smile, or simply helping to get someone out of pain.

But the absolute best thing about working at Clinic95 is that everyone is so friendly!

My one best piece of advice to patients about their teeth is to just look after them – they’re the only set you’ll get.

At the other end of the scale, one of the things people do to their teeth that makes me cringe is
tearing sellotape with their teeth – that stuff is stronger than you think and mother nature designed your front teeth for biting food, not plastic.

When I’m not at work I love to bake - my lemon drizzle cake is pretty good if I say so myself (it never stays around long), although my chocolate beetroot brownies are my speciality.  And when I’m not baking, you’ll find me pottering about on my allotment.

Something that most people doesn’t know about me is that I’ve completed a basic plumbing course, and actually really enjoyed it.  My car only passes its MOT if vast sums of money change hands, so maybe a car mechanic course is next! 

I'm looking forward to meeting you soon and welcoming you to Clinic95.