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We provide a huge range of dental treatments, from simple routine examinations and hygiene appointments to orthodontics and cosmetics, to advanced dentistry such as implants, all in our purpose built Oxford clinic.


We always have an extra special welcome for those of you who are nervous or phobic about coming to the dentist.


Want to keep your mouth in tip top condition and have a sparkling smile? Come and meet our hygiene team.

Whitening treatments

Do you long for whiter teeth? Our in-house or at home whitening treatments can help you achieve that pearly white smile.

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Here's our quick guide to all the types of appointment we offer. 

Would you like to improve your smile?

Perhaps a subtle enhancement like teeth whitening, or a dental hygiene appointment might suit you.  Or what about a more striking change; braces to straighten your teeth, cosmetic dentistry such as veneers, or a more dramatic effect from full dental surgery such as implants?

Whatever your wish for your teeth, let us know. With so many dental treatments under one roof, we can really get to know you and help you fully explore all your choices.

We'll work with you to make your smile ambitions a reality, using cutting edge techniques and technology, delivered in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

And we're always delighted to show off our beautiful clinic so if you'd just like to pop in, have a cup of tea and a chat, we'd love to see you.

Heard about the Apple Cider Vinegar diet? I wish I hadn't

I totally get that a new healthy living plan that promises miracles (and is backed by real science) is the holy grail for a lot of you.
But from a dental hygiene point of view, swigging vinegar on a regular basis is right up there on a list of things NOT to do to your teeth.
So if you're on (or thinking about starting) the ACV diet, here are my four tips that you MUST follow if you simply want to lose weight, and not your teeth as well...

What our patients say...

"Oxford dentist Maria Hardman and her Clinic95 team are the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.  I feel completely relaxed there.  And even though I've now moved away, I don't mind making the journey to Oxford just to get my teeth done in such a lovely place."

"The dental work is painless and the customer care second to none. There is an atmosphere of caring professionalism coupled with friendliness, whilst keeping abreast of modern technology. Over and above the treatment, the hospitality that I receive makes it a pleasure for me to attend."

"When I first attended Maria’s practice I was desperately anxious about my teeth. In spite of years of regular NHS treatment I was rapidly losing my teeth and I had a very uneven and unattractive smile. At Maria’s clinic I had access to professional advice and assessment from an orthodontist as well as general dentistry and implantology and I was given options I didn’t know existed for the mature client. After having braces and several implants my oral health is better now than it was 15 years ago. I am able to enjoy a full range of foods again and have a much more confident smile."

"My experience with Clinic 95 has significantly reduced my apprehension when visiting the dentist. I have been made to feel very much at ease by the dentist, the nurses, the hygienist and indeed the reception staff."

"I was very impressed by the friendly atmosphere and the quick and efficient service. I came away with a smile on my face."

Maria's travel blog

Maria is currently in India and is documenting her travels (just to make us all a bit jealous, frankly).
You can see some of her beautiful photos from her trip on her dedicated travel blog page.